Who is JM2 Webdesigners

JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing is a software development company that utilizes Internet technologies to solve simple to complex business problems with a human touch. By utilizing Internet standards we are able to make solutions that work cross platform and grow with your company.


It is our Rule #1 that we live by each and every day. We have found that most organizations appreciate the honesty and candor that we bring to the table in helping them solve the problems and challenges they are facing. Our clients know we will always have their best interest at hand in providing a high level of customer service.



As we build solutions for our clients we make an emphasis to protect our client’s data and proprietary information. Every day security becomes an important aspect of everyone's personal and business lives. For every line of code, we develop and every decision we make we put an emphasis on protecting our client’s information.

Quality Of Service

Exceptional Customer Service

We look at every problem that our client’s present as our personal challenge to work with them to improve a specific problem. Whether this is just conveying the information displayed, answering a client’s social media visitor, adding a call-to-action (CTA) to their website, or solving a customer’s concern. We take complete ownership to help you achieve the task that you are trying to handle.

Energy Efficient

Environmental Impact

As a family owned company being friendly to our environment, using sustainable environment technologies, and to provide our children and our children’s children a beautiful place to live each decision we do revolves around improving our environment. We build solutions that are designed to conserve energy through the servers we utilize to making each solution capable of conserving paper by utilizing PDF's rather than sending information straight to printers.

How we came up with our name

JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing started with two friends who are still friends today. Both of the initial owners had the same initials of JM. Being that every decision for them involved their wives they came up with a mathematical idea to their name as that is the basis for computers and the software development foundation they are based on. The name JM2 is pronounced JM squared to cover not only the owners but their wives as they are an integral and equal part of their decision (e.g. two squared is four). The name is typically though just JM2 (JM Two) as it's easier for everyone to remember.

JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing