JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing Design Philosophy

We have a seven step design philosophy that is rooted in providing you a detailed and consistent process. JM2 Webdesigners uses agile software development methods based on SCRUM. JM2 Webdesigners provides you with a high-quality and professional website and business applications that meets your business requirements.


Because the fulfillment of your dream is our goal, everything begins with you. We will meet with you to understand your personal or company's needs. Once we know more about you, we will then research your market to better understand how your website stands within the context of the world. During this step more members of our team may get involved to help achieve your goals.

Discovery process
Overall system architecture for peak performance

Information Architecture

This is the organization step. After we analyze your strategy, we will assimilate the content that you have as well as suggest additional ideas; then draft a plan for how your website's information will be laid out. We ensure that, from a user's standpoint, all information will be laid out in a way that makes sense and can be accessed in multiple venues while also taking into account the necessary information that will help people find you on the internet.


The overall design is drafted in this step. From the cumulative knowledge from the preceding steps, including additional knowledge on latest design trends, techniques and web standards we will custom-design your website according to your taste and needs. Depending on the contract details.

Design a solution that is efficient and works
Create an intuitive front end user experience or UX

Front-End Development

This phase is where a design starts to become a website through front-end development including HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (cascading style sheets), and JavaScript (jQuery). This section also includes content writing, photo selection, further keyword analysis, and on-page search engine optimization.

Back-End Development

This is the phase where higher level functionality gets added to the site including adding the CMS (Content Management System), contact forms, software integrations, eCommerce applications, social media integrations (if more advanced than just linking to a social media page), and more, depending on the functionalities the project dictates.

Social Media Expertise
Testing and quality control are critical to success

Testing and QA

While testing and QA is done at each stage of the development cycle, the final testing and quality assurance of the site and its functionality is the most rigorous. Each member of our team tests different aspects of the website to ensure maximum effectiveness and usability. Many times, a client likes to be involved in this process as well.

Final Review and Launch

Near the finishing stages of your project, we will review the work done; upon approval and all contract needs are met, your site will be live!

Final review and launching the product solution

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