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Director of First Impressions

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Posting Date: 2/24/2018
Department: Customer Service
Created Date: 2/24/2018
Positions Available: 1
Job Type: Part-Time

Address Information

JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing
403 E Lincolnway
Valparaiso, IN 46383

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We have nothing against our Director of First Impressions Lulu except that she is TOO QUIET and doesn't really dress appropriately even in our relaxed dress code environment. We've talked it over with her (again, she didn't say much) and she agrees we need someone a bit more assertive, inviting, and friendly. Don't worry though Lulu Tutu will still have a job with us. We are just changing her role within the company.

We are looking for someone that will be a valued member of our team that wants to grow with us. Those that grow with us have some true foundational elements of being familiar with all of our products, services, and our customers.


You could call this the Jack/Jill of all. The team member in this role will have a lot on his/her plate on a daily basis.

  • Talking with people that
    • happen to walk in the door that didn't have scheduled appointment
    • welcoming those that have a scheduled appointment
  • Making phone calls for
    • follow-up
    • meeting confirmation
    • cold calls
    • customer service
  • Passing notes to those that need to know through our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Prepares for upcoming meetings
  • Makes certain supplies are kept in stock and ready
  • Assisting with our sister company Holly's Hobbies
  • Assist with customer service questions and answers
  • Make quick updates requested by Customer Service - this could be website updates, etc. which will be shown to you prior to doing (experience here is great but not required)
  • Receiving any packages/orders that may supply and make certain any that need to get out do so on time
  • File and maintain records, including updating electronic records within the company CRM system
  • Office tasks; such as scanning, copying, filing
  • Testing of the new features within the company CRM system and providing feedback on how to improve it to make your job easier and more efficient


Being that Lulu was shy and not talkative we're seeking someone that is really the opposite. We're looking for the ability to communicate clearly, answer questions, friendly, honest, ability to learn, wants to grow with us, and is confident.

Ability to use Microsoft Office, email, social media, and the Internet as a whole.

Wage Information

$10/hour; plus $100 for any clients you bring on and close yourself (e.g. no others assisting), no limit on the number you can bring on.


If you are

  • looking for a stuffy web design or marketing company to work for we will not be a good fit
  • enjoy having fun (table tennis, NERF battles, team building etc.) we might be a good fit
  • looking for a work/life balance we might be a good fit
  • honest and believe in family values we might be a good fit
  • self-motivated and do not need to be told what to do around every turn we might be a good fit.