If you are not investing in your business how do you expect it to grow?

Small Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to growing your business, you need to optimize your website for not only the search engines but your site visitors. This process is known as search engine optimization or SEO for short. To achieve results for small businesses you need to work hard to improve your website on a continual basis. The needs for small business SEO are the same as the big box chains. The difference a small business can, and often does make, is that they are community oriented and offer that level of customer service everyone wants. Crafting your SEO to your target audience will allow you to achieve the highest level of results. Continually updating, adapting to change, and meeting the needs of your visitors will provide you with the leads your small and growing business is looking for.

Two distinct SEO solutions

We have two solutions for businesses based on where you are in your digital marketing strategy. We know you need a fast web host, that email is crucial for business, that backups, and security are paramount. Both solutions offer this. The key is in how much of our digital marketing services your business needs. The "SEO Plan (Light)" or as we call it the "SEO Building Blocks" is for those that know and want to get found on the search engines while the other provides everything a business needs to grow on the search engines with unlimited updates, price locked, new features, and more. Those that know they need SEO but don't have thousands of dollars per year for marketing and those that know they need it but don't have thousands to spend. To help you choose which you need we've made the following quick chart.

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High level list of core features (not everything)

    Most Popular
Description SEO Plan (Light) SEO Plan
Setup Fee (one-time only) $65 $0
Monthly Cost $75/month $220/month
Payment Schedule Yearly Monthly (or yearly with 10% off)
Price Locked (for life)  
Unlimited hours  
Feature lock in  
Pricing discounts
YEXT Professional
Web hosting
   Daily backups
   SSL/TLS Certificate (Green Pad Lock)
Email hosting
CMS Updates

SEO challenges we have solved over the years for small and growing businesses

  • Training businesses how to optimize their SEO
  • SEO audits to improve current results
  • SEO content long-term strategies
  • Correcting and fixing black hat SEO
  • Improving organic SEO rankings
  • Keyword research and defining long tail keywords
  • Tying SEO with your social media strategies
  • Mobile website optimization
  • Fresh & relevant content
  • Optimize your content management system (WordPress, Joomla, and others)
  • Analyzing current site traffic using analytics
  • Evaluating competitors to see how businesses compare against each other
  • Creating and optimizing local SEO rankings
  • Setting up and properly configuring Google My Business
  • Google AdWords setup, monitoring, and improving
  • Performance reports
  • Creation of high-quality industry specific backlinks
  • Leverage social media integration and optimization
  • Integrate video as part of your SEO strategy
  • Security updates and patches installed

SEO is a Marathon, not a race, and not an steroid shot in the arm

When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO you need to be prepared for a marathon. When you race to get results businesses will often jump to black hat (bad) techniques rather than following industry best practices (white hat). Be prepared to work for your results and those results will help you grow to the results you want. We have found, and proven time-and-time again that small businesses can compete, and often overtake, the big box stores using organic search results.

What is "Organic SEO"

Organic SEO or Organic Search Engine Optimization is when choose to optimize your website for the search engines rather than the standard "pay to play" search engine optimization techniques. When you pay the search engines you do get the top listings that many people will ignore as they know those are bought positions. The most highly coveted positions are those that you earn. You earn the free (organic) SEO positions by constantly updating your website, providing fresh content, and modifying the back end structured and un-structed Metadata.

SEO, like marketing, needs planning

We run into individuals and companies that will work on SEO for your website. They do this by implementing the search engine best practices. Best practices are not set in stone like many items related to the Internet. Best practices change monthly and often more frequently. That doesn't mean you will be successful because you implemented industry best practices. You need to craft and build a plan to achieve success that is constantly changing, evolving, and being agile. The process we use to build your SEO plan is:

  1. Discovery Stage - The first and often missed step is planning or the discovery stage. Here we learn about your business, your competitors (local, regional, and national), short-term business objectives, and long-term business objectives.
  2. SEO Analysis Stage - Now that we are aware of your objectives, competitors, and how you want to be found online we start the analysis of your website to determination what changes are required to meet this business criteria. This is a culmination of not only every individual page but the site as a whole. Core items we look at is your website (of course), but also who is linking to your website, what the search engines think of you, your analytics programs (if you have them; if not, we'll help you set that up too).
  3. SEO Plan Stage - With the discovery and analysis complete it's time to build a plan with you to meet your objectives and grow your online experience using organic SEO techniques.
  4. Search Engine Optimization Stage - With everything gathered, properly planned, and ready it's time to start implementing all of the changes. What has transpired already seems like a lot, and it is, but we're not talking so much that we are weeks into the project. We're really only a few days in.
  5. Content Creation - Part of any good SEO strategy is the creation of content that helps you showcase your expertise, inform your target audience, and show change to the search engines.
  6. Repeat - SEO is constantly evolving and needs to be updated based on the analytics from the people visiting your site, changes in your business direction, and new products & service offerings. During this "SEO repeat stage" your pages are updated and modified for new best practices and recommendations from Google, Bing, and other major search engines. Reports and further analysis are constantly done to improve.

SEO is truly a numbers game

With billions of searches performed daily between Google, Bing, and the other search engines you need to be set to a position of excellence to stand strong on the search engines. We utilize only white hat (good) SEO techniques and industry best practices to achieve the best results for your business.

Onsite SEO services

Onsite SEO is the process of making your website more search engine friendly by optimizing to current industry best practices. Ways to make your onsite SEO work well is having one H1 per page, alternate text filled on images, proper site structure, website speed, mobile friendly, no broken links, etc.

Offsite SEO services

Offsite SEO refers to actions to promote your website on the internet without resorting to advertising. The most common methods for offsite SEO is links from reputable sites. Examples of reputable sites are chamber of commerce, industry sites, vendors, and other sites related to your industry.

Local Listing Optimization

We will make sure that your local directory and listings are consistent across all sites. Additionally, we will build a strategy to earn local citations and local links from media outlets and websites within your target geographic area.

Website Audits

Whenever a new client comes onboard with an existing website we perform a website audit to see where improvements can be made. This audit allows for the prioritization of SEO on the website pages. With the information, we see where there are technical problems, areas for content improvement, internal and external link audit, and a competitive analysis against a defined set of competitors.

Website Speed

A major factor when it comes to the search engines is that the load time of your web page loads as quickly as possible on all pages and not just your homepage. Every page should be optimized for loading quickly. Ways to speed the website are to remove extra calls to your server, reduce the size of the page, and the size of each image that is on your website.

Website Security

Websites that utilize a TLS (previously SSL) certificate show the search engines not only that you care about security for the website but the privacy of your site visitors. Every website should have every page set to utilize security. Equally important is to have a firewall to protect your website from DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks.

Website Mobility

If your website doesn't load efficiently on mobile devices and provides a less than optimal user experience the search engines will penalize your website and lower the chances of ranking on the first page of the search engines.

Website Content is King

Having quality content that answers the questions of the visitors of your website is important to showing well on the search engines. With quality content, you show the search engines that you care about your visitors. Let the search engines know you are an authority in your industry.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Business Improvement Plan

Having a SEO plan is a great start. With JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing you get so much more. We include everything a small business that wants to grow as part of a single solution. There is more to great SEO than just making tweaks to your structured data, unstructured data, titles, and descriptions. Your content needs to be updated, images need to be optimized, a high-quality and fast web host, and a lot more. Therefore, the solution we provide offers all of that for a cost a small and growing business can afford. Every SEO Business Improvement Plan comes with:

  • 1/2 hour Graphic Design / Content / Development (per Month)
  • Support Team
    • Project Coordinator
    • Primary & Secondary support team members that are intimately knowledgable about your account
  • 25 Keywords / Keyword Phrases
  • Broken Link Checking & Repair within your site
  • Image alternate text optimization
  • Image sizing optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Manual Submission to Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • META Keywords for Search Engines & Social Media
  • Proper Structured META Data for your Industry
  • Site Map & Robots.txt
  • Website Performance Analysis & Monitoring
  • 50+ high quality local business directories
  • Find Business Directory Platinum Listing
  • Google, Yahoo! & Bing
    • Analytics Setup & Verification
    • Google Analytics Goals
    • Google Search Console Setup
    • Yahoo! Account setup & Verification
    • Bing Account setup & Verification
  • 1 Lead Page Lead Generation

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Need social media as well?

Search engine optimization and your website should be the first part to your marketing strategy. Don't leave off social media as part of your search engine strategy. Social media should be a key piece of your marketing plan. Our Digital Marketing or Social Media Business Improvement Plan offers everything our Search Engine Optimization Business Improvement Plan does with a single social media outlet added. You can learn more about it at the link below.

Social Media Business Improvement Plan Information