Sidewalk Shop eCommerce Solution

When starting a business keeping costs as low as possible is key to growing without putting yourself out of business. By creating an eCommerce solution that benefits all small business and home hobbyists with asperations for success we built the Sidewalk Shop eCommerce solution. You are able to keep all the profits of your sales with no listing fees.

Websites built with Industry Best Practices

  • Low cost designed for small business & crafters
  • No listing fees
  • No fees for making a sale
  • Shipping and tax calculation
  • Easy to understand manual
  • Social media advertising for no additional cost
  • Personal vendor page
  • Reports to be effective
  • Mailing labels
  • Live training available

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Like all products that JM2 Webdesigners in Valparaiso Indiana does you will not see the branding done by many organizations. One might think that being this is our own personal solution we would brand it. The answer is we will not brand the site as we feel this will be a place for multiple vendors to sell their products.

Built on very secure open source technologies

Open source software is used throughout the internet and part of what JM2 uses daily. The system being used is nopCommerce which provides a secure system with the overall TLS encryption being provided by Digicert.

Growth opportunities for those that need it

As businesses like JM2 Webdesigners knows when you start out you want to save money wherever possible without cutting corners. This is where this solution comes into play. You start out at Side Walk Shop and as your grow if you need some features that you can't get you have a migration option to a full-fledged eCommerce solution that has no restrictions at all.

What are all the restrictions?

There are few key limitations to the Side Walk Shop when it comes to features. These are

  • a personalized domain name
  • 100% Control over everything
  • a customized theme and logo
  • want multiple languages (Side Walk Shop is strictly US English)
  • need to use your specific PayPal account
  • Illegal items or alcohol sales are not allowed

For most businesses, these limitations will not affect them.

Click here to contact JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing to schedule an appointment and learn how we can assist you.

What's included?

The limitations are very minimal and will only affect companies that need a more personalized branding and marketing experience. You can find out about our eCommerce by clicking here. The solution we are offering is designed for small and mid-size businesses that want to grow their business without having to maintain the system.

Product Features

  • Allow Customer Remove (Yes / No)
  • Administrator (private) comments
  • Available for "Pre-Order"
  • Available Start & End Date
  • Categories
  • Cross Selling with Other Products
  • Descriptions
    • Short
    • Long Description with a rich text editor
  • Disable Buy Button
  • Disable Wish List Button
  • Discounts
  • Downloadable Product
  • Gift Cards
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Mark an item as "New"
  • Prices
    • Price
    • Old Price
    • Product Cost
    • Special Price with Start & End Date
    • Call for pricing
    • Customer can enter price (Yes / No [Default])
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Name
  • Product Tags
  • Product Type
  • Publish / Unpublished
  • Recurring Product
  • Rentals
  • Shipping & Free Shipping Options
    • Additional Shipping Charges
  • SKU
  • Specification Attributes
  • Tax Calculation & Tax Exempt
  • Weight, Length, Width, Height


  • Reports
    • Orders
    • Shipments
    • Best Sellers
    • Products Never Purchased
    • Low Stock
  • Bulk Editing of Products

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • META Keywords
  • META Description
  • META Title
  • Search Engine Friendly Page Names


  • Usage manual provided
  • One-on-One (Additional Cost)
  • Rock the Social (Additional Cost)

Paid Advertising - Additional Cost

  • Footer (Across entire site)
  • Homepage Slider
  • Homepage Featured Items