Small Business Improvement Plans

Maintaining a website can become costly and take you away from running your business. With a business improvement plan the costs can be controlled and don't increase. We price lock you so you can easily budget for your business. You get best-in-class service and a dedicated team of professionals from graphic designers, content writers, customer service, and software developers in one place (we do not outsource). You never have to worry about someone going on vacation as every account has a primary and secondary contact and both cannot go on vacation at the same time. You can focus on what you do best; your business. Your employees can work on growing your business and doing their daily tasks.

Choose your business improvement plan

We have the simpliest pricing out there (we believe). There is no haggling and we always bring the best pricing to the table. We can do this as we know small business. We know what they need and we've built the tools for small business and if we don't have them we have the software developers to create it for you.

  • First, choose your website (there's just one option).
  • Secondly, choose your plan (SEO Plan or Social Media Plan).

Website Design


Price: $795 (One-time)
  • 10 pages (to start)
  • Google Map Integration
  • Responsive website designed for Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile devices
  • No branding
  • Custom contact form
  • Blog setup (can help with SEO)
  • Access to all of our stock photo library
  • Logo Design (if needed) and Logo Vectored (if needed)
  • eCommerce Product Catalog (up to 25 products to start)
  • Turnaround averages 6-8 weeks between test and going live. Times can be as quick as 2-3 weeks.
  • Read below for a complete list of everything included

Plan - Choose 1

SEO Plan

Price: $185 / Month
  • Invest in your business growth with the search engines.
  • Updates to the latest Google, Bing, & Yahoo! standards
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Private SEO Dashboard of all your statistics
  • 40+ high quality local business directories
  • Site Maps
  • 24x7 Website Monitoring, Daily Backups, and an enterprise firewall
  • Manual submission to the search engines
  • Dedicated primary and secondary customer service team personnel
  • 1 lead pages lead generation section (can use as many times on the site as you wish)
  • Unlimited Website Updates
  • If you have more than one location you want and want separate Google listings for each they are $45 / Month each
  • Read below for a complete list of everything included in the SEO Plan

Social Media Plan

Price: $295 / Month
  • Everything included in the SEO Plan, plus:
  • Social media setup
  • Increase lead generation to 6 leads generation sections
  • 3 posts per week (based on social platform chosen)
  • Timeline & Social Media channel monitoring
  • Responding to fans
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Reviews on your website
  • Page verification
  • Blog creation (2 per month)
  • Want more than just one social media site? Each additional one is $120 / Month each.
  • Read below for a complete list of everything included in the Social Media Plan

Read below for the full details of everything these plans have to offer to allow you a true apple-to-apple comparison.

Core Business Improvement Plan Offerings

With every business improvement plan we offer the following core features. These features are more than what others provide for their entire service offering. Make certain you are getting everything you need to grow your business. Our two core business improvement plans of Search Engine Optimization or SEO and Social Media are designed to help you grow your business without breaking the bank. We are confident once you compare our plans and do an apple-to-apple comparison to what you have or are evaluating you will choose our plans based on our expertise and dedication to grow small businesses. These are structured and built for small business. Are you a medium or larger business? Then these plans are not for you! We cater to companies starting out with 250 employees or less. We appreciate you for being big but we are not for you!

What you receive in every website business improvement plan?

  • You can focus on running your business knowing that industry experts are running your online experience.
  • Your employees do not have to learn anything and better yet do not have to add another task to their daily schedule. You always have access to do everything yourself as well using an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).
  • Price fixed for life. As prices increase you are locked into your plan price for as long as you maintain that plan.
  • You only need to get what your business needs. You can always upgrade or downgrade to more features later as your business changes (you will change to whatever the current price is).
  • Access to knowledge from an entire team rather than an individual person
    • Graphic Designers
    • Content Writers
    • Customer Service - a primary and secondary person are assigned to your account!
    • Programmers
  • As new items are added to your business improvement plan your price does not increase and you will never lose a feature you had (if any features were later removed).
  • No Contracts! (Month-to-Month) (24 consecutive months you will receive a FREE Website if you want one)
  • No Branding! (It is your business and should not advertise ours)
  • Customer Support (Unlimited)
    • Dedicated Primary & Secondary Support Person
    • Email
    • In-Person (at our office)
    • Phone
  • Security
    • Digicert TLS/SSL Certificate (Green pad lock)
    • 24x7 Server Monitoring
    • 24x7 Website Monitoring
    • Enterprise Firewall
  • ADA 508 Compliance
  • Annual Domain Registration is included
  • Web Hosting (for our hosted clients) is included
  • Email Hosting (for our hosted clients) is included (up to 50 email addresses to start!)
  • FREE Website Redesign every 24 Months
  • Reporting & Communication
    • Contact from your primary customer service person every month to make certain we are doing everything you need to help your business grow.
    • Monthly review of your website performance & other plan options signed up for
    • Monthly review of your eCommerce

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Business Improvement Plan

  • 1/2 hour Graphic Design / Content / Development (per Month)
  • 25 Keywords / Keyword Phrases
  • Broken Link Checking & Repair within your site
  • Image alternate text optimization
  • Image sizing optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Manual Submission to Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • META Keywords for Search Engines & Social Media
  • Proper Structured META Data for your Industry
  • Site Map & Robots.txt
  • Website Performance Analysis & Monitoring
  • 40+ high quality local business directories - Click the button below to test your SEO now.
    Test your SEO results here for free
  • Find Business Directory Platinum Listing
  • Google, Yahoo! & Bing
    • Analytics Setup & Verification
    • Google Analytics Goals
    • Google Search Console Setup
    • Yahoo! Account setup & Verification
    • Bing Account setup & Verification
  • 1 Lead Page Lead Generation

Social Media Business Improvement Plan

Everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) above, plus:

  • 1 hour Graphic Design / Content / Development (per Month)
  • 6 Lead Pages rather than 1 for Lead Generation
  • Page Setup / Verification of Page
  • 1 social network (Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) of your choosing (choose where your customers are!)
    • If you are on Facebook you get Instagram for no additional cost (two for the price of one!)
  • Facebook example:
    • Social Media posts about your business
    • Social Cover Page Creation
    • Content aggregation from credible & non-competitor sources
    • 3 Posts (per social network per week) (156 posts per year)
    • Emergency Posts to your social networks
    • Responding to your fans and answering their questions
    • Monitoring of social feed
    • Facebook page verification
    • Setup & keep up-to-date your hours and business information
  • Review Monitoring
  • Review roll-up to your website from Facebook, Yelp, and Google (Include all 3, 4, 5, or any combination of the reviews you choose)
  • Blog
    • Content creation of one article per month targeting your keywords for your industry
    • Sharing of the blog on your social media sites
  • 25 Products for your eCommerce products

Add On Features

Every plan can be customized for your unique needs. Other options that are available and can be added to any business improvement plan are listed below.

  • Additional
  • Headshots for marketing materials, website, LinkedIn, and other advertising
  • More time can always be added to any of the time based items
  • Online chat that JM2 monitors
  • Online chat can be added to any plan or website
  • Promotional, Event, and Newsletter Email Marketing
  • Mass Text Messaging
  • Google AdWords & Paid Internet Advertising administration (by the hour and not a flat monthly fee! Save money for your business.)
    • Google AdWords is included and costs less when you sign up for our social media business improvement plan -- we strongly recommend going this route
    • No limit to your spending budget
    • Strictly to small business (50-employees or less)
    • Covers
      • Keyword analysis and planning
      • Campaign setup
      • Execution
      • Reporting & analysis
  • Chat Bots for social media
  • Detailed billing
    • All activities logged as tasks within the system
    • Availability real-time using customer portal
    • Email sent monthly


  • Hours for the "Graphic Design / Content / Development (per Month)" above will accumulate up to 12 months.

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